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You need a great employee benefit package to be competitive in today’s marketplace. But most employee benefits are expensive. Offering credit union services to your employees can save them money on their financial services and make your company look like a “champion”. No extra paperwork. No federal or state reporting. No new office space. All you provide is the employees. We’ll do the rest. It’s that simple! 

All Employers and Organizations in Darlington, Florence and Marlboro Counties are invited and encouraged to become a Corporate Community Partner. Simply send your request on company letterhead by fax to 843-383-2929 or mail to: SPC Credit Union, Attn: Caitlin Vance, P.O. Box 1355, Hartsville, South Carolina 29551. You may also call our Sales and Community Development Department (843) 857-3467, or stop by any of our convenient locations to drop off a Corporate Community Partner Request today! All your employees are eligible for membership; there are no other requirements.

Benefits for your Company/Organization:

  • A valuable employee benefit with no expense, liability, or contractual obligation to your company.

  • Monthly electronic newsletter, keeping you up-to-date on current events and the latest financial news.

  • On-site presentations, new employee orientations, and account opening sessions tailored to your company.

  • Newsletters, posters, and bulletin board flyers provided at no charge to help promote your new benefit and keep your employees informed.

  • Happier, less-stressed employees with a healthier financial future.

  • Convenient branch locations in Hartsville, Darlington, Florence & Bennettsville with drive-up ATM’s, saving your employees time and effort.

  • Direct deposit and payroll deduction service saves time and effort.

  • A complete range of financial services that meet – or exceed – your employee’s needs.

  • All accounts federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, up to $250,000 per account.

By adding credit union services to your benefits package, your employees will have access to a full range of financial services including savings and checking accounts, low loan rates, debit and credit cards, ATM’s, Share Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, SPC Anytime Telephone Response, Online Account Access including Bill Pay and eStatements – all at no extra charge.

This is an outstanding benefit to offer employees. Why? It is easy to implement, costs you nothing and your employees reap the rewards. They can take advantage of low cost, high value financial services from people you know. It’s the best employee benefit you’ll never pay for!

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Corporate Community Partner FAQ's


Why become a Corporate Community Partner?
Becoming a Corporate Community Partner will give your company a unique and powerful employee benefit with no expense, liability, or contractual obligation.

How does that help me?
You gain from having happier, less-stressed employees with a healthier financial future.

Is it hard to become a Corporate Community Partner?
Of course not! Just return your request on company letterhead and we’ll take care of all the rest. If you choose, SPC Credit Union technical experts will work directly with your payroll department to readily coordinate and implement electronic deposit to your employees, offering significant savings in time and resources to both your company and to the employee; and minimizing lost and replacement payroll checks.

What do my employees gain?
These are just a few of the benefits they receive for being a member of SPC:

  • A valuable and needed benefit, including payroll deduction and direct deposit.

  • Comprehensive financial services with increased yield, no-fee savings and checking accounts coupled with reduced rate loans and credit cards.

  • Free 24/7 account access with NetBranch, our free Internet banking service, and SPC ANYTIME, our automated telephone teller.

  • Electronic bill payment and statements, and a nationwide ATM network.

  • Free educational seminars on topics including college financing, home buying, education, investing and estate planning.

  • Access to retirement planning and investment services through our association with Anderson-Strudwick.

  • Free financial education and counseling program with ACCEL – Members Financial Counseling.

  • Free, downloadable BudgetSmart software to help effectively manage money.

  • Convenient branch locations with drive-up ATMs with continuous service through the lunch hour.

Are there any restrictions for my employee’s membership with SPC?
Absolutely not! All your employees are eligible for membership; there are no other requirements. Even when they retire or relocate, they can keep their membership.

What is the difference in a credit union and a bank?
A credit union exists solely for the benefit of its members. Each deposit made is like buying shares of the credit union. Every member of a credit union has an equal vote to elect volunteer directors who are also members and who guide the operation of the credit union. SPC was organized by Sonoco Products Company in Hartsville, South Carolina in 1941 and now serves over 20,000 member-owners throughout Darlington, Florence and Marlboro Counties.

A bank, on the other hand, is owned by a relatively small number of stockholders who may or may not be customers of the bank and who select a board of paid directors. These stockholders invest their money hoping to receive dividends from profits and to make money when they sell their stock. So, a bank exists to earn profits for their stockholders.

Is my company responsible for my employee’s accounts at SPC?
No! As a Corporate Community Partner, you agree only to let SPC offer your employees the ease of access, convenience, and the wealth of services and tools to help them reach their own financial goals.

What if one my employee’s gets into financial difficulty?
This is where SPC truly stands out! We offer financial counseling and debt management assistance and can work one-on-one with members as needed.

How do I get started? 
Simply return the Corporate Community Partner Request by fax to 843-383-2929, call our Sales and Community Development Department, Caitlin Vance, at (843) 857-3467, or stop by any of our convenient locations to drop it off today!  All your employees are eligible for membership; there are no other requirements.



Corporate Community Partner Directory


Look how many local businesses are already a part of SPC Credit Union! 
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  • Anderson Brass

  • Baldor

  • Bethea Baptist Home

  • Carolina Pines RMC

  • Chesterfield Convalescent Center

  • City of Hartsville

  • Coker College

  • Dawkins Concrete

  • Diamond Hill Plywood

  • Domtar

  • Graham Packaging

  • Hanson Aggregates

  • Hilex-Poly

  • ITW Angleboard

  • JBE, Inc.

  • Marlboro Park Hospital

  • Pallet Makers

  • Palmetto Staffing Solutions, LLC

  • Palmetto Brick Company

  • Paper Stock Dealers

  • Perfection Clutch

  • Progressive Alloy Steel

  • RBC Bearing

  • Sandhill Quilting Company

  • Sonoco Products Company

  • SOPAKCO Packaging

  • Southern Graphics Systems

  • Stingray Boats

  • Talley Metals

  • Novant Medical Group

  • Wilson Senior Care