Share Savings


The Share Account is a basic savings account offered by SPC. This is the account that establishes membership and voting rights in the credit union. The minimum share is $25.00. Dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly. 

In addition to its use as a savings account, a Share/Savings Account may also be used as collateral for a Share Loan or to provide Overdraft Protection for a Share Draft Checking Account.

Saving is easy with direct deposit or payroll deduction.



Club Accounts


Christmas & Vacation Club

SPC offers Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts to meet your specific savings goals. A Christmas Club is an easy and convenient way to save for the holidays and a Vacation Club Account makes it easy to pay for that much-needed vacation. 

Club Accounts can be opened any time during the year and is separate from other credit union accounts. Both accounts are automatically renewed annually. Deposits can be made through regular payroll deductions or periodically throughout the year by mail, or transfers from other credit union accounts.



Kids Club Accounts


Wee Savers: 0-2 years old

It's never too early to start saving for your little one's future. A WeeSavers account will help you do just that! This account is designed for ages 0-2 years old and provides the perfect opportunity to begin building your child's future. 


Dinomites: 3-5 years old

DinoMite Savers accounts are designed for kids ages 3-5 years old.
Club membership includes:

Automatic membership to the Savasaurus Club on 6th birthday



Savasaurus Club: 6-12 years old

The Savasaurus Club is a super cool kids club only for big kids and tweens 6-12 years old. When the account is opened, club members receive a new member kit filled with fun and useful Sunny the Savasaurus items and their very own membership card. Savasaurus club members receive invitations to THREE FUN-FILLED ACTIVITIES EVERY YEAR and our Annual “Got Any A’s” report card rewards!

Earn points for these great prizes every time you make a deposit at SPC, answer the BRONTOBITS brain teaser, and attend fun outings!

60 Points - Savasaurus Tote Bag
50 Points - Savasaurus Umbrella
40 Points - Savasaurus Lunch Bag
30 Points - Savasaurus Water Bottle
20 Points - Savasaurus Sunglasses
10 Points - Savasaurus Glow in the Dark Frisbee
5 Points - Savasaurus Pencil Case